Perfection. That is all we think of when we see another person on social media. We always see people for what they post, which is  their best hair days, no skin blemishes, and the trendiest outfits. Every girl has a “picture perfect” life on social media. And every girl is guilty of being jealous or envious of another person because of this false reality that we create. I’m here to tell you that this is so so untrue! I have people that will Direct Message me saying how perfect my life is and how they would want to be in my shoes, but this is so opposite of how it should be! I can tell you one thing for sure, I do not know a single person in my life that has not through some kind of struggle or life shattering challenge including myself! Even some of my closest friends that have such good lives, have deep problems that are so so hard for any person to go through! When I was very young my parents got divorced and I have had such ugly times from that up till I got adopted by my step dad only a couple years ago. My family and I still go through struggles every day from that and will always be a little bit different, but those are the kind of things that make a person strong and unique! Some of the kindest people I know have had some of the hardest lives! EVERYONE goes through trials and has to figure out how to cope with it and how to grow to be a better person. It’s not our place to judge how perfect someone’s life is, and how they deal with their personal trials. I’ve definitely learned that there will always be someone prettier than you. There will always be someone stronger or better than you in someway, but you have to learn how to love yourself, or you will never accomplish anything. The only way you can reach your full potential is by figuring out who YOU are, and working on yourself to be a nicer, happier, and more spiritual version of yourself. Figure out what makes you different, and thrive on that! God sees you as perfect, and that’s all that matters! Next time you see a beautiful girl and think to yourself that you will never be as good as her, just remind yourself how amazing YOU are and all of the crazy hard things you have been through or accomplished! You are a bad A! Hit me up anytime if you ever need a reminder of that! Live up your life, and know that you are enough. Anyone can make their lives look like a dollhouse.

XoXo, Ella

My Favorite Things

Christmas time is right around the corner & I am STOKED!!! This is my very favorite time of the year, and here are some things that I am low key obsessed with that would be great to ask for Christmas, or give to someone else!

  1. Hydro Flask
  2. Honey Trap lip balm from Lush
  3. Victoria Secret Perfume
  4. Apple Watch
  5. Almay concealer
  6. Becca Highlight (best highlighter EVER no joke!!!)
  7. Maybelline mascara
  8. PINK leggings
  9. Venom lip plumper gloss
  10. Vans
  11. Stay wear clothes (use my code “Ella” to get 20% off!!!)
  12. Best curling iron ever!
  13. Ugg shoes
  14. Kendra Scott jewelry
  15. 365 day Happy Planner
  16. Headphones

One of my very favorite things on this list is a hydro flask! I always carry one around with me so I drink enough water for the day. Soooo merry Christmas from me to you! I am doing a giveaway for a free hydro flask on my instagram! Rules: follow my blog and my instagram and like my post. 1 tag = 1entry. No limit on entries! Good luck & Merry Christmas!!!


What Guys Want You To Know…


Oh my gosh get this! So I asked tons of super hot guys what tips they would give girls or what they wish all girls knew. Some of the answers seemed obvious, but others might surprise you. First things first, guys are a little bit more insecure than you think when it comes to girls. One thing that almost every boy said, is that if you like a guy, then you need to tell them straight up because they will be too intimidated to say it first if they like you. If you think you are giving obvious hints, they still might not get it. Be direct. Guys like it when you make the first move. And if you do tell them that you like them, and they don’t say that they feel the same way, it’s probably safe to say that you shouldn’t give them anymore attention and keep texting them. From my experience, guys have a pretty short attention span most of the time, and if he stops texting you and seems to not be as interested, you should probably stop liking them because most likely they have already stopped liking you. Never give a guy attention if he doesn’t deserve it. You have to constantly keep them on their toes. On the other hand, if you told a boy that you like them and they like you back, do not go flirting with every other boy in the school or else they will get upset and think that you are not a prize anymore. They also hate it if you talk about a cute celebrity non-stop. And it goes the same for guys. I know I hate it when a boy that said that they like me flirts with all of my friends.

A really big turn off for guys is being rude, causing girl drama, and swearing. So act like a lady! Boys HATE it when girls are mean to other girls and make problems for other people. Almost every boy said that swearing and being a mean girl is so unattractive. They like girls that act like ladies and not kitty cats so be nice to one another! Boys are attracted to girls that are happy and fun. So be yourself! Dance and sing out loud to your favorite song.

Do you ever plan out your outfit the day before hoping it will catch his eye?? Here is what guys like you to wear. The number one thing that majority of them said is leggings. Lots of them said that they love denim skirts. Some guys like skirts, some guys like sweat shirts, so if you feel good in it, then your positive energy will shine through and they will think you look good just because you own it and you feel good. One thing that they don’t like is when you wear a ton of makeup and look fake. Boys want to know the real you inside and out and don’t always like the most popular girl. They just want a girl that’s real and fun.

A special thanks to all of those cuties that helped me out! 😉

XoXo, Ella

P.S hey boys, if I left anything out that you want me to include, comment down below! ❤


Who Says?

I asked my followers on Instagram what I should blog about, and there were so many girls that replied and said that they wanted me to write about bullying, mean girls, being kind, etc. so here is my advice. First of all, isn’t it sad that we all feel this way? Why do girls try to tear each other down to make themselves feel better? Why do we compare ourselves to other girls? “Who says you’re not perfect?  Who says you’re not worth it? Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting?”  Do you know that there was a study that followed the eye movements of women as they walked into a room?  They weren’t looking around the room for the hottest guy, they were surveying the room for the most beautiful woman- their competition!  Each of us is beautiful in a unique way, and we aren’t supposed to be the same as everyone else.  The world would be a boring place if we all had the same hair and eye color.  There are so many different kinds of beautiful.   We are all our own kind of beautiful! Each and every one of us. There is not a single one of us that is worthless and doesn’t have a purpose on this earth. School is hard enough.  It’s hard enough to get along.  It’s hard enough to deal with boys.. we need to try our best individually to build one another and make sure that no girl feels excluded, bullied, or worthless. Females are the dominate gender, and as women it is our duty to uplift and encourage each other to be better. There is not a single girl I know that doesn’t have a bad hair day, or days that they have to put on sweats and a t-shirt and drag themselves to school. And on those days wouldn’t it be nice to have girls around you tell you that you are beautiful anyway? Girls can help each other build their self esteem. Sure having a boy tell you that you are beautiful is nice, but it always feels better coming from a girl that knows exactly what you are going through. We do not need to get our value from kissing boys or having a boyfriend. Instead, we should be able to get it from other girls building us. Surround yourself with girls that make you feel good about yourself and make you want to be a better person, not people who drag you down and make you think about your flaws, because who doesn’t have flaws?? I know I do! “I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me!” And that is the very reason why we should help each other see the positive in life and in ourselves. We can help each other become better versions of ourselves. Self esteem is huge for teenage girls. How you think about yourself affects everything, and we need to help each other recognize how amazing we all are- because we are all so amazing.  Everyone recognizes all of the flaws that they have already, and it makes it even worse when other girl tells them that they have a zit on their face, or that they have ugly hair that day. There is no point in trying to make another girl feel bad about themselves because it is definitely not going to help you feel better yourself, so what’s the point in bringing down someone else? So… BE NICE!  Be kind.  Look around for someone you can say hi to.  Look for someone sitting alone at lunch.  Remember what our moms taught us, If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all! I love you, you gorgeous humans!

XoXo, Ella

P.S.  Go listen to that song “Who Says” by Selena Gomez, and turn it up loud!!

P.P.S. Use my code “Ella” to get 20% off the cutest clothes from STAY wear clothing & help spread the message ❤


Hugs and kisses. Seems like the only things that matter to teenage boys… Don’t get me wrong! Boys are my very favorite people. Let’s be honest, girls are so drama and boys just want to have a good time. But sometimes having a “good time” means them making out with a girl, having contests with their friends to see who can kiss the most girls, or how many girls they can kiss with their eskimo brothers! Isn’t that accurate? Ya, that part of boys is definitely NOT my favorite. One thing that I keep myself to a very high standard with is kissing. I have never kissed a boy ever. Yep that’s right, virgin lips! 😉 There is a very good reason why. Boys want one thing with a girl, and one thing only. Tap. When I kiss a boy, it will be a boy that doesn’t like me only to kiss me. He will be a boy that would like me for my personality. A boy that cares about my feelings and interests. He will ask me questions to get to know me. One of the main things I like is when boys are protective. If they hear things that other people say about me they would stand up for me and they would be upset if someone hurt my feelings. All of these things are things that boys as teenagers are not very capable of it seems… but they would be worth waiting for:)  Until I find a boy like this, I will remain virgin lipped. I have a little trick for girls if they are trying to decide if a boy is worth liking, besides all of the other obvious things. If you are wondering if he really truly likes you and doesn’t want to just kiss you, then tell them that you aren’t kissing a boy until you are 16. See who sticks around after that! LOL. But it’s so funny how true it is. I have used this strategy on many boys, and it always ends different for every single one. Some boys just stop talking then and there. Lots have said, “Okay then I guess I’ll pick you up on your 16th birthday to kiss…” haha.  There are many different scenarios, but all of them end the same way that you think they will. With the boy disappointing you. So girls. Be careful the next time you think you like a boy, and always be thinking. Does he only want me for tap? And if you do kiss him, will his interest last?

XoXo, Ella

Fall Fashion.

OK. Summer officially ended last week. I have to hold back tears every time, but who doesn’t?!  Sooo, I think of my favorite things about fall to get me pumped!!! – Starbucks pumpkin frap, FOOTBALL, hot cocoa & hot tub nights, canyon drives to see the leaves turning, and haunted houses…  Aaaand, let’s talk about fall fashion! (One of the best things about fall!) I love a good excuse to dress in over sized sweaters and leggings every day. And I love wearing skirts! They are comfy and pretty much look cute with any top you own & I always dress it up with a necklace or a choker. Free People  has some of my all time fav skirts for fall! Also one of the best things you can do when you are having a bad week is to get up in the morning, make yourself some hot cocoa, and throw on some knee high socks and boots/booties. I know that always makes me feel better anyway 😉 . Braids and high ponies are awesome in the fall. Wanna know what else is awesome?! When you burn your neck with a curling iron & then you wear you hair up and guys ask you all day who gave you a hickey. Yep, that was definitely the best! At least make sure that you always have a yummy smelling fall perfume on you at all times when you hug boys at school. 😉 Bath & Body Works always has the very best scents in the fall that will make you fall in love with the season, and hopefully make the boys fall in love with you too!

Remember to contact me if you have any blog requests! Thanks for reading loves!

XoXo, Ella

That’s Not My Name.

Have you heard the song “That’s Not My Name”? Gigi Hadid sang this song on the Lip Sync Battle, and it’s totally relatable to girls. If you look up the lyrics to this song, it explains exactly how I feel about boys calling girls nicknames. I like it when boys use MY name a lot. I don’t like it when a boy calls me “girl”, or “chick”… actually “hey girl” reminds me of Ryan Gosling, so I guess that ones okay if you look like him;). What drives me crazy is when a guy calls you a nickname that you don’t go by. I never go by the name “Elle”, and it makes me go nuts when boys call me that. Some guys call you “babe”, and it usually works unless you figure out that he’s calling ten other girls “babe” at the same time. Everyone likes to be told that they are hot, but sometimes I feel like if a guy only thinks I’m hot, then he’s only trying to get tap. You can never go wrong telling a girl that she’s beautiful or gorgeous. A guy texted me and told me that I was the most beautiful girl in the world, and it seriously melted my heart. Way more than it would if a guy said I was hot. So guys, here’s my tip: remember to use a girls name a lot when you are talking to her, and girls LOVE compliments.

XoXo, Ella

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