What Guys Want You To Know…


Oh my gosh get this! So I asked tons of super hot guys what tips they would give girls or what they wish all girls knew. Some of the answers seemed obvious, but others might surprise you. First things first, guys are a little bit more insecure than you think when it comes to girls. One thing that almost every boy said, is that if you like a guy, then you need to tell them straight up because they will be too intimidated to say it first if they like you. If you think you are giving obvious hints, they still might not get it. Be direct. Guys like it when you make the first move. And if you do tell them that you like them, and they don’t say that they feel the same way, it’s probably safe to say that you shouldn’t give them anymore attention and keep texting them. From my experience, guys have a pretty short attention span most of the time, and if he stops texting you and seems to not be as interested, you should probably stop liking them because most likely they have already stopped liking you. Never give a guy attention if he doesn’t deserve it. You have to constantly keep them on their toes. On the other hand, if you told a boy that you like them and they like you back, do not go flirting with every other boy in the school or else they will get upset and think that you are not a prize anymore. They also hate it if you talk about a cute celebrity non-stop. And it goes the same for guys. I know I hate it when a boy that said that they like me flirts with all of my friends.

A really big turn off for guys is being rude, causing girl drama, and swearing. So act like a lady! Boys HATE it when girls are mean to other girls and make problems for other people. Almost every boy said that swearing and being a mean girl is so unattractive. They like girls that act like ladies and not kitty cats so be nice to one another! Boys are attracted to girls that are happy and fun. So be yourself! Dance and sing out loud to your favorite song.

Do you ever plan out your outfit the day before hoping it will catch his eye?? Here is what guys like you to wear. The number one thing that majority of them said is leggings. Lots of them said that they love denim skirts. Some guys like skirts, some guys like sweat shirts, so if you feel good in it, then your positive energy will shine through and they will think you look good just because you own it and you feel good. One thing that they don’t like is when you wear a ton of makeup and look fake. Boys want to know the real you inside and out and don’t always like the most popular girl. They just want a girl that’s real and fun.

A special thanks to all of those cuties that helped me out! 😉

XoXo, Ella

P.S hey boys, if I left anything out that you want me to include, comment down below! ❤


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