Hugs and kisses. Seems like the only things that matter to teenage boys… Don’t get me wrong! Boys are my very favorite people. Let’s be honest, girls are so drama and boys just want to have a good time. But sometimes having a “good time” means them making out with a girl, having contests with their friends to see who can kiss the most girls, or how many girls they can kiss with their eskimo brothers! Isn’t that accurate? Ya, that part of boys is definitely NOT my favorite. One thing that I keep myself to a very high standard with is kissing. I have never kissed a boy ever. Yep that’s right, virgin lips! 😉 There is a very good reason why. Boys want one thing with a girl, and one thing only. Tap. When I kiss a boy, it will be a boy that doesn’t like me only to kiss me. He will be a boy that would like me for my personality. A boy that cares about my feelings and interests. He will ask me questions to get to know me. One of the main things I like is when boys are protective. If they hear things that other people say about me they would stand up for me and they would be upset if someone hurt my feelings. All of these things are things that boys as teenagers are not very capable of it seems… but they would be worth waiting for:)  Until I find a boy like this, I will remain virgin lipped. I have a little trick for girls if they are trying to decide if a boy is worth liking, besides all of the other obvious things. If you are wondering if he really truly likes you and doesn’t want to just kiss you, then tell them that you aren’t kissing a boy until you are 16. See who sticks around after that! LOL. But it’s so funny how true it is. I have used this strategy on many boys, and it always ends different for every single one. Some boys just stop talking then and there. Lots have said, “Okay then I guess I’ll pick you up on your 16th birthday to kiss…” haha.  There are many different scenarios, but all of them end the same way that you think they will. With the boy disappointing you. So girls. Be careful the next time you think you like a boy, and always be thinking. Does he only want me for tap? And if you do kiss him, will his interest last?

XoXo, Ella

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