That’s Not My Name.

Have you heard the song “That’s Not My Name”? Gigi Hadid sang this song on the Lip Sync Battle, and it’s totally relatable to girls. If you look up the lyrics to this song, it explains exactly how I feel about boys calling girls nicknames. I like it when boys use MY name a lot. I don’t like it when a boy calls me “girl”, or “chick”… actually “hey girl” reminds me of Ryan Gosling, so I guess that ones okay if you look like him;). What drives me crazy is when a guy calls you a nickname that you don’t go by. I never go by the name “Elle”, and it makes me go nuts when boys call me that. Some guys call you “babe”, and it usually works unless you figure out that he’s calling ten other girls “babe” at the same time. Everyone likes to be told that they are hot, but sometimes I feel like if a guy only thinks I’m hot, then he’s only trying to get tap. You can never go wrong telling a girl that she’s beautiful or gorgeous. A guy texted me and told me that I was the most beautiful girl in the world, and it seriously melted my heart. Way more than it would if a guy said I was hot. So guys, here’s my tip: remember to use a girls name a lot when you are talking to her, and girls LOVE compliments.

XoXo, Ella

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